As part of Mr Littler’s challenge, you are trying to write an emotional sentence about the image above, using vivid vocabularly, exciting sentence openers and sophisticated punctuation.

We want to see your first draft of a sentence, right throught to your final sentence.

For the end of year, we have been entered into a Sumdog challenge alongside year 3 and our other year 4 class. The competition starts on Monday 13th July and finishes on Wednesday 22nd July. Remember you can access Sumdog at home and this counts towards your home learning. Good Luck!

Don’t forget to visit our exhibition at the Lincoln Library, where we are showcasing our project all about electric cars. Well done Welbeck, you worked exceptionally hard!

If you have visited our exhibition, please leave a comment on our blog.

Although the end of year is fast approaching, there is still plenty of time to showcase some of your excellent work at home. If you create something on a computer or a tablet, you can send your piece of work to and I will place it on the blog.

I look forward to seeing some excellent pieces of work!

Recently on 21/06/15 Radvile and her family went on a trip with there bikes, to the Woodhall Spa.

We all woke up at 8:00 we got ready then got out our bikes. We all left at 9:00, first off we all had loads of energy, but slowly and slowly we started to lose it. It didn’t take us long to get to Bardney, but later when we set off to The Spa, it took like an hour to get to the spa. Finally we  made it all to the spa. Of course there was a cafe, I had a cheeseburger, so did my mum and my brother, but my dad had a hot dog. Once we have done eating, we all had ice cream I had strawberry my mum had chocolate and my brother had vanilla, but sadly my dad didn’t want any. There was a little park there and I met a new person I started playing with her but I didn’t know her name! Once i finished playing in the park we set back home. Once we got home it was about 18:14! Although when we were going back the wind was strong but i still had fun there. More time with family, more outdoors, no more computer for the day.

Yesterday, we researched about our favourite types of books. We found out our favourite genres are mystery, comedy, adventure and scary.

Which books would you like in our classroom?

You must give the author’s name and the reason why you have selected the author?

Where was he born?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was born in Portsmouth on 9 April 1806.

What did he build?

Brunel built bridges, railways and the world’s biggest ship. Brunel showed the world what engineers could do.Brunel’s work meant that people could travel and trade in a new way.

Who was Brunel?

he was an English mechanical and civil engineer who built dock yards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven steamship and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering.

Why is he famous?

he is famous because he built bridges,ships,railways and dock yards.

How did he become an engineer

Brunel’s parents sent him to the finest schools in England and France to learn the skills he needed to be an engineer.

On Thursday, we will be writing our own biography about a famous engineer called Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

To help you, as part of your homework you may want to research about him.

Questions you may like to answer are:

Who was Brunel?

Where was he born?

Why is he famous?

What did he build?

How did he become an engineer?

Hope everyone had a fantastic half-term and ready to start back tomorrow.

Our topic is ‘on the banks of the Nile’.

We will learning about the pyramids, tombs, Egypt, the Nile, Egyptian gods/goddesses and much more….

Don’t forget to bring your homework or publish it here on the blog.

Well done to Sophie and Ollie for doing their homework on the blog.


Ruston sports                  V.                 Birchwood boys

I was going to the match and then when I got there it suddenly started to rain. After that, luckily I wasn’t too late I was right behind my manager. Finally we got there, my manager needed some help with some of the equipment so I took the cones and the whiteboard and then he took the ball bag and the bib bag. Then little lewis arrived and then we did some long passes while my dad and Tuni (manager) set up the practice suddenly Tom arrived and he said that he ran of from  and his brother (big Louis). But then we had to stop because there was too many people.

Finally the match started, but the other team had the kick off.  But quickly Tom got the ball skilled every body and then got a brilliant goal. The next goal was  by Leo because he got the ball of Louis and Louis lace him off then he scored a terrific goal in the top corner! Tom nearly got the next goal but he hit the crossbar and went over the goal. Leo got the next goal and he just tipped it in the bottom corner. Sam scored the next goal he got a lay off from me and the he hit crossbar and it went in.

It was brilliant match! The weather could of been better but it was a good match.

End score 4-0 to Ruston sports.