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Making 346


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Monday 15th December morning maths

Make 346

using :5,6,4,8,50,100


8×5 =40+6= 46




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Math questions 1

When Alekss got on the train 65 people were sitting down and the whole train had 400 seats. How many seats was available?


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Kelly’s maths adventure

Kelly got on the bus, there were 39 available. The bus has a total of 127 seats in total. How many are already filled?


Kelly had 5 pounds she went and brought 2 sweets. Each sweet cost 53p. How much did she have left?

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Sheet #3 polar express

When Kelly got  on board there were 59 seats available. In total there were 168 seats. How many seats were filled?

Polar express maths

When Mr Johnson got on the board 59 seats were available. On the train there where 300 seats in total how much were already filled?

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The most hard looking easy math question I could think of!

The available seats on a train were 72 but there was 2000 in total how many seats were taken?


Maths question

There were 375 toys made on the train but 74 were dropped off at the next stop. How many toys remained on the train?


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Polar Express Maths

1. Tiffany got on the train.There were 2619 toys on the train 213 were taken. How many toys were left?

2. Tiffany was on the train. 230 seats were taken. In total there are 2929.How many seats are left?

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