Yesterday, we researched about our favourite types of books. We found out our favourite genres are mystery, comedy, adventure and scary.

Which books would you like in our classroom?

You must give the author’s name and the reason why you have selected the author?

Where was he born?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was born in Portsmouth on 9 April 1806.

What did he build?

Brunel built bridges, railways and the world’s biggest ship. Brunel showed the world what engineers could do.Brunel’s work meant that people could travel and trade in a new way.

Who was Brunel?

he was an English mechanical and civil engineer who built dock yards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven steamship and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering.

Why is he famous?

he is famous because he built bridges,ships,railways and dock yards.

How did he become an engineer

Brunel’s parents sent him to the finest schools in England and France to learn the skills he needed to be an engineer.

On Thursday, we will be writing our own biography about a famous engineer called Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

To help you, as part of your homework you may want to research about him.

Questions you may like to answer are:

Who was Brunel?

Where was he born?

Why is he famous?

What did he build?

How did he become an engineer?

Hope everyone had a fantastic half-term and ready to start back tomorrow.

Our topic is ‘on the banks of the Nile’.

We will learning about the pyramids, tombs, Egypt, the Nile, Egyptian gods/goddesses and much more….

Don’t forget to bring your homework or publish it here on the blog.

Well done to Sophie and Ollie for doing their homework on the blog.


Ruston sports                  V.                 Birchwood boys

I was going to the match and then when I got there it suddenly started to rain. After that, luckily I wasn’t too late I was right behind my manager. Finally we got there, my manager needed some help with some of the equipment so I took the cones and the whiteboard and then he took the ball bag and the bib bag. Then little lewis arrived and then we did some long passes while my dad and Tuni (manager) set up the practice suddenly Tom arrived and he said that he ran of from  and his brother (big Louis). But then we had to stop because there was too many people.

Finally the match started, but the other team had the kick off.  But quickly Tom got the ball skilled every body and then got a brilliant goal. The next goal was  by Leo because he got the ball of Louis and Louis lace him off then he scored a terrific goal in the top corner! Tom nearly got the next goal but he hit the crossbar and went over the goal. Leo got the next goal and he just tipped it in the bottom corner. Sam scored the next goal he got a lay off from me and the he hit crossbar and it went in.

It was brilliant match! The weather could of been better but it was a good match.

End score 4-0 to Ruston sports.


Three times seven equals twenty one

Twenty one  add seven equals twenty eight

Twenty eight take away one add eight equals thirty five

Thirty five add eight equals fourth three

My seven times  tables practice !!( it is also my homework!!)


Yesterday, mad science visited our school. For our session, we was taught by Physics, who demonstrated more information about rocks including seeing a model volcano erupting and making our own rock called chalk.


The Lincolnshire Sumdog has now ended. Our class came an impressive 12th in the whole county! Fantastic work Welbeck and well done for competing at home.




As part of national science week, we have been investigating soil’s permeability to prepare ourselves for our own investigation.


The Stone Age was a time thousands of years ago, when early humans lived in caves and jungles.Life was simple, and there were only two main things to do.To protect themselves from the wild animals and to gather food.

For both purposes, people made tools from stone.The oldest stone tool that we have as an evidence is almost 3.4 million years old.It was found in Lower Awash Valley in Ethiopia.The Stone Age ended somewhere in between 6000 BC to 2500 BC.Around that time stone tools were replaced for copper tools.Stones were also used to make fire. And since in those times humans used stone for almost everything they did, we call it The stone age.

In the early years of the Stone Age, humans used stones besides wood and bone tools for chopping tasks (these were the choppers). Later, they learnt to develop a special kind of sharp stone called flint which was used to cut and chip things quickly.As the humans became smarter they started to make even more complex tools than before. The flints were probably used as barbs on arrows, spears and other composite tools.

The Stone Age people just ate animals and plants.They wrapped themselves in animal fur and sat around fire to keep warm. Stone Age people could communicate with written symbols. All their words and ideas were expressed in symbols. They were talented artists.