Setting description

Pick a setting.
Write a setting description using all your senses, in less than 100 words.





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The Chocolate Room

We were inspired by the clip from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Charming, exquisite, a pink coloured waterfall is wooshing down on the prickly grass. Candy coated gummy bears are hanging from the toffee plants. Fluffy mushrooms tops inside the pleasant gallary of chocolate and the wonderful candy canes falling down form the tops of the edible tree branches.

By Radvile and Ollie

Welbeck One Hundred

Oozing slowly from the side of the spoon, the glossy, gorgeous chocolate dripped and dropped over the hand waiting patiently below.

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Writing Bingo!

Welbeck Abbey have been learning to improve our writing by playing a game: BINGO! We challenge ourselves to include all the elements of our writing bingo card in our independent writing, then we go back, check, edit and improve to achieve writing bingo. We get 5 table points every time we can prove we have achieved BINGO!

Have a go at writing a diary entry as the robot in ‘Girl and Robot’. You can click here to watch the animation . Remember to try and use every element on your writing bingo card. Not only will you achieve a higher writing level, but you could earn yourself 5 table points!

Not a problem!

Here’s a problem involving multiplication and division. Have a go at solving it and add your answer in a comment. Remember to tell the world how you worked it out!image

Balloon Rockets!

Yesterday, Welbeck Abbey made balloon powered rockets out of balloons, string, straws and tape. They flew like birds soaring through the sky. Mrs Cryer even built one which flew the whole length of the classroom! Targeted, planned, like lightening it sped across the room.
We took pictures of every stage of the process so we could write instructions. Have a go at writing your own instructions to make a balloon powered rocket and post them on here. I look forward to reading them. Remember, don’t miss anything out, or your rocket will not work!

Missing my little cauliflowers…

Hello Welbeck Abbey!

How are you? I hope you are all okay and are working hard. I am missing you all terribly and wish I could come back to school but I am still recovering on my sofa.
I’m especially missing your brilliant writing so I’d love you to write a description. Here’s a picture of my cozy slippers: how do you think I’m feeling wearing these and relaxing on my sofa? Show off what you’re learning without me. Make me feel better with your writing. I look forward to reading your comments.
Be good and work hard,
Mrs Cryerimage

The day the crayons quit

This morning Mrs Cryer found she had a tweet by a author called Drew Daywalt and he wrote the exiting book The Day The Crayons Quit! Have you read the day the crayons quit? Because it is exciting, Mrs Cryer has sent a picture of her as the fabulous blue crayon, Ryan as the funny green crayon and Jamila as the lonely pink crayon. Last week we made a trailer about the day the crayons quit or a Oliver Jeffers book using iMovie  with year 5. Have you seen our trailers?

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Sparkling writing

Although we witnessed a technical hitch this morning, Welbeck Abbey still produced some outstanding writing for the blog.
Here are the best bits. Well done Lewis and Oskar!



Eifel Tower Fireworks Cinemagraph | Gifrific

Fireworks at the Eifel Tower in Paris, France.

via Eifel Tower Fireworks Cinemagraph | Gifrific.

Show the world your best descriptive writing!