At last, I reached the finish line and won the gold,bright,shiny medal and I felt so excited.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake and I felt scared because I couldn’t walk.

At the park, I lost my brown and small coat but I had my hat and my gloves.

Every playtime, I play football with my friends.

At long last,I reached the ruby red finish line!

Suddenly,the hard,smooth ground started shaking like crazy!

At the park,I lost my fluffy,feathery and jade green coat!

Every playtime outside,I play with the hard, smooth, black and white football!

1. One early morning, all of the cowboys rode out into the wild.

2. After lunch, the cowboys went out to see what there was out there.

3. During the shadow of the dark night, there werre wild beasts out there.

4. Before the break of dawn, one little cowboy strolled out into the darkness.

5. After all the darkness of the night, all of the people came out of their houses and road over the hills.

6.  After the night, the clouds weren’t black but they were white like a glass of milk.

7.  In the morning, all of the mountains were falling down so the cowboys tried to help but it was no use.

Today, we watched the following video:

After we worked in groups to formulate a question for our philosophy lesson. There was some fantastic questions:



Finally, we decided upon the question ‘should power be taken off people if it is used wrongly?’

Remember to comment on our question whether you agree or disagree with your reason.


Yesterday Rango come to the sunny and big dirt . He quip fire on a face of a scary and baddie kimono dragon .the kimono dragon and Rango are in a showdown . Suddenly the eagle was swooping on to the town . The baddies  went back wards . The eagle landed and Rango looked to the scary eagle and run through the toilet . The town people was looking to Rango. The eagle  cut the toilet  and Rango run away . Rango was  hiding on the chocolate machine, the eagle try to cach Rango. The eagle was pulling the liquorice. Bravely Rango shot the water tower and the water tower fell on the eagle . The people of the town got out of the big brown houses and cheered . And Rango was the sheriff of the town .

The world of mysteries  is a world with strange things happening everyday,every hour,every minute and every second!


Today was weird as in weird!Everything was the opposite like a cat would act like a dog!Even me I’m normally a good and nice guy but I was a horrible and bad guy.Nearly everything was opposite  except the teachers and parents!The people were all different with different reasons like my friend Ben is usually doesn’t  work hard at all but this time he did more work than me and that is an achievement because I’m the smartest person in class!Actually the teachers were different in some way they were not really teaching us anything but sports and things we already knew.But the our parents were totally the same as in the same they made us dinner,lunch and breakfast,they would make us do our homework and of course take care of us so they weren’t really the opposite!But our pet cat and dog had a some sort of personality change. What I meant by that,  they act like the other species so a cat would be a dog,a hero would be a villain and a police would be a robber!


Well after all this madness it became normal at 8:00 at night!I became a good boy instead of a bad boy!Our cat and  dog had there personality  swapped then it was time for me to sleep!


Well that’s the end of my diary of this world!Wait for tomorrow for another one!

Super Spaghetti

Monks Abbey                                                                                                                 Spaghetti Bolognese                                   

Ingredients                                                                                                                               Cooking Instructions

.Onion                                                                                                                                                Take the outer packaging

.meat                                                                                                                                           heat it in microwave for 5 minutes


.tomato puree                                                                                            Nutrition Information

.spaghetti                                                                                             Calories310    Calories from fat 50

Allergy advice                                                                             Sodium 580 mg      Protein 16g    Iron 2.7 mg

Contains wheat

100 ml


In maths, we have been measuring and estimating (very accurately) preparing to solve perimeter problems. During this week, we were also converting units of measurements very successfully.


We listened to a story who didn’t tell the truth. Then we discussed in pairs of possible questions we would like to discuss in philosophy.



After a vote the question we decided upon was:

‘Is there a right time to lie?’

Leave a comment and remember to say why you agree or disagree

I’m in the  boat and suddenly I found an island . I feel very very happy . I cry in happy ness . In the small boat people are Rowling the boat . One man fell down on the water and run  thrue the island . Suddenly  he stop and fell on the sand of  of the big green island . And now I’m going to explore this mystery island .